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ShareLab is a launchpad for entrepreneurs and start-ups aiming to develop new products and services based on life science and biotechnology.
We offer office space, a fully equipped lab, lab management services, a commercial and scientific network, and mentoring – all on one floor at the vibrant Oslo Science Park.

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Ready for lift-off?

Biotech Launchpad

ShareLab is the best platform to launch your biobusiness. We will ensure lift-off and acceleration of your start-up. Our ambition is that you reach the stars!


When the chemistry just works

A Complete Eco-System of Support

We have synthesised an open eco-system for you to thrive and grow in.



“ Biologists who have ambitions to start up something on their own will have everything they need at ShareLab. Usually, a laboratorium with the same facilities would cost at least 1 million kroner. Here, everything is ready for them. ”

- Inger Sandlie, Professor at UiO: Department of Biosciences

Inger Sandlie

ShareLab Team

Esben A. Nilssen
Managing Partner
Esben has two goals. Make biotech soar and do backcountry skiing until feet sore. A human Swiss knife, Esben started out with philosophy, did a PhD on cell cycle checkpoints, came to love risk-adjusted NPVs, accidental European Patent Attorney, and a bioentrepreneur for more than a decade.  He may be just the right man to take you through the jungle (or the polar ice, for that sake).
Email: esben(a)
Marius Øgaard
Marius gets his kicks in life from developing stuff. Ideas. Technology. Products. Companies. International markets. So that is how he has spent his long career in Norwegian technology companies. Always developing something new. As the founder of The Life Science Cluster, he has an extensive network of relations in Norway’s bio-based industries. He thinks this will be pretty useful for the ShareLab community!
Phone: +47 92 84 66 21
Email: marius(a)
Iselin H. Wood
Community Manager
Iselin is ShareLab’s jack of all trades, and an accomplished archer. When she is not hitting targets at the range, she sets her sights on offering more and better stuff to the startup community. Doing double duty as project manager for The Life Science Cluster, she will make sure ShareLab keeps getting greater!
Phone: +47 98 85 43 89
Email: iselin(a)
Petter N. Hagen
Project Manager
Petter is the project-, event- and networking maestro at ShareLab, responsible for community activities. With previous experience from starting up shoe stores and pushing exclusive suits, Petter is now facilitating communities of entrepreneurs and academics with a passion for creating new stuff. As a virtual gardener, Petter will grow ShareLab as meetingplace nr. 1 in the intersection of innovation and biotech.
Phone: +47 91 51 69 19
Email: petter(a)






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Forskningsparken - Oslo Science Park

A Prime Location

ShareLab is located at Oslo Science Park, in walking distance between the adjoining campuses of the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital. This is where 60% of all the life science research in Norway is carried out making it the prime location for bio-based businesses in Oslo