Sample preparation and real-time PCR

Sample preparation and real-time PCR

VWR hosted a sold-out lab course when they invited to training in “sample preparation and real-time PCR” in ShareLab on September 17th.

It was obvious that ShareLab would be the perfect place to facilitate a lab course with mix of theory and hands-on training including analysis. ShareLab Lab Manager and VWR employee, Inderjit S. Marjara, hosted the full-day course with help from VWR team. Inderjit has over 20 years of experience within biotechnology and lab work. He was enthusiastic after the event:

“Although it takes a lot of effort to host such training, it was all worth it. The best part was the enthusiastic participants, they showed curiosity and asked good questions throughout the event. I soon realized that such training should be offered more often, not only on qPCR and sample handling but also other topics.”

- Inderjit S. Marjara, ShareLab and VWR

Lab course consisted of the whole workflow from taking the sample, through long-term storage, extraction of DNA and qPCR. Followed by a brief section on qPCR analysis. It is more or less an impossible task to cover all this in detail, but active participants and good discussions is key and shows what should be emphasized on.

Last month’s event was fully booked w/waiting list established. New lab courses are scheduled and will be published later this fall and after Christmas, follow ShareLab newsletter and Facebook page to stay updated.


B’ZEOS – Eat it, bite it or let it!

Single-use plastic straws are top 10 debris in the oceans. About 180 billion of plastic drinking straws are consumed each year in the world, according to a report of Seas at Risk. Drinking straws are currently used as a symbol for the fight against plastic and many organisations claim their prohibition.

New ShareLab member B'ZEOS may have a solution to the problem with their Zero-waste, Edible, nature’s Origin and Sugar-free drinking straw (ZEOS straw), an alternative to plastic drinking straws.

“Fighting climate change and plastic littering is our ambition and adding seaweed into the equation is our mission! With ZEOS straws we do more than cutting CO2 emissions, we encourage new generations to be the change they want to see in this world (Gandhi). Our slogan is simple: Eat it, Bite it or Let it. But at the end, YOU make it disappear. Thanks Sharelab for having us on-board!”

– Guy Maurice, Founder B’ZEOS

What is ZEOS straw? It is edible and compostable in normal condition in contrast to PLA, starch and other so-called biodegradable plastics on the market. It’s mainly produced from certified seaweed. In contrast to the use of fossil resources, marine resources are inexhaustible, quickly renewable, bio-compostable, fertilizing, energy-efficient and seaweed have negative CO2 emission.

“We’re happy having Guy and Caroline with us and look forward to helping B’ZEOS to develop an alternative to plastic drinking straws. I have already tried the first iteration of their edible innovation and needless to say, they will weed out all competition. Plastics shall clutch at straws!”

– Esben Nilssen, Managing Partner ShareLab

Innovators Wanted – Own office not required

CEO Matts Johansen of Aker BioMarine ASA (Photo: Aker BioMarine)

Innovators Wanted – Own office not required

ShareLab and Aker BioMarine are launching a competition to find the next generation of life science and marine innovators.

Published July 3rd 2018

We are looking for teams or start-ups with unique ideas or concepts. Aspiring innovators will be selected based on a single page executive summary of their idea or concept.
At stake is a one-year membership to ShareLab, a new co-working laboratory and office space, tailor-made for life science start-ups, located in Oslo, Norway.
The winning team will be awarded an Aker BioMarine-funded spot in the lab and office facilities, as well as benefit from active mentorship and access to Aker Biomarine’s network. Neither Aker BioMarine nor ShareLab will retain any ownership or stake in the winning idea.

Our knowledge and utilization of the ocean is still so limited

Matts Johansen, CEO of Aker BioMarine, explains why collaborative projects and creative environments like ShareLab are so important for an innovation-driven industry such as his:
“The way we see it, this is about increasing the value creation from the ocean’s resources.  To cope with the challenges of the future it would be arrogant not to believe that some of the solutions may lay within the oceans. Especially as our knowledge and utilization of the ocean is still so limited.”
Adding, “ShareLab represents a unique opportunity to foster the development of such solutions. They are on the same mission, to find sustainable and innovative new products. At the end of the day it is about breaking down barriers and removing friction to enable the growth and development of good ideas.”

Life science will be a vital part of Norwegian industry

Esben A. Nilssen, Managing Partner at ShareLab, says, “We are thrilled to see Aker BioMarine sign on as ShareLab partner only months after our official opening by prime minister Erna Solberg. This is testimony to our belief that life science will be a vital part of Norwegian industry in the future. Sustainable development of our oceans and forests, growth of our seafood industry, as well as human and animal health all depend on life science innovation. Aker BioMarine is one of Europe’s most innovative companies – of course they join the ShareLab community!”
Recently winning that title in the prestigious European Business Awards, Aker BioMarine’s continued success, and indeed the very market it helped create, is built upon finding new and ground-breaking ways to work.
Johansen says, “Innovative people and new ideas are the very foundation of our success. We are constantly on the lookout for explorers who think outside the ordinary, while keeping their feet firmly on the ground.”
The deadline for entries to the competition is September 15thand the winner will be announced on October 3rd.
Click here for more information about the contest

ShareLab – grand opening on March 21st

ShareLab Grand Opening

ShareLab - grand opening on March 21st

Published 8 March 2018

Oslo’s new biotech incubator – ShareLab - opens officially on March 21st. ShareLab offers state-of-the-art lab facilities combined with a professional incubator environment for entrepreneurs and startups developing products and services based on the life sciences.

ShareLab kick-off on March 21st at 1.30pm

On March 21st you will meet entrepreneurs, students, academics within the biotech & life science field, industry representatives, politicians, policymakers, stakeholders, and friends of ShareLab. We are closing in on 300 participants,  are you coming?

Prime Minister Erna Solberg will do the opening address. In addition, selected ShareLab members give insights on biotech topics, guided lab-tours, SPARK Norway Pitch Challenge, vertically farmed salads and herbs from ShareLab member Omnicibus, and the official ShareLab Afterparty where we serve lab-brewed ShareBEER accompanied by DJ Ome!

ShareLab kick-off will take place at ShareLab, Oslo Science Park. For sign-up and full program, visit our registration site here

How does ShareLab work?
ShareLab is a membership community providing a complete range of biotech innovation services. This includes access to a fully equipped and managed lab, with workbenches and special functions rooms, shared office space, as well as social areas. Professional staff manage the laboratory so that our members can concentrate on their r&d. ShareLab is open for all companies and researchers working within biotech and life sciences seeking lab facilities and a stimulating environment. High impact innovation startups have priority.