Corticalis: Creating optimal bone regeneration


Corticalis: Creating optimal bone regeneration

Published Descember 10th 2018

Corticalis AS was founded in 2001 by Profs Jan Eirik Ellingsen and Staale Petter Lyngstadaas to make material contributions to dentistry. Still, the company’s main assets are immaterial. Since 2001 Corticalis has successfully developed, out-licensed, and sold a number of patent portfolios to major players in the dental implant industry.

"Our vision at Corticalis is that all our products should be thoroughly tested - to more stringent standards than those found in current regulations. We use known materials and manufacture our products in a new way. This is why we believe our products will be a game changer in the medical device market."

Håvard J. Haugen (Research manager)

Corticalis’ main goal is to create optimal bone regeneration. In order to do this, they develop products that enable bone regeneration from both a biological and a 3D structural, mechanical guided (3D-GBR) bone regeneration approach. Corticalis focuses R & D on three new technologies: a titanium based ceramic bone graft material (NuBone®), a synthetic peptide family (NuPep™), and a paste for peri-implantitis treatment (NuGel™). NuGel™ has also been developed to combat oral bacterial infections without antibiotics, to aid in the struggle against MDR bacteria.

"Conditions such as trauma, tumors, cancer, periodontitis and osteoporosis may lead to bone loss, reduced bone growth and lower bone volume. To help these patients, it is critical to find methods to improve bone growth and to regain bone anatomy. Our NuBone may be used as a framework for the cells participating in the bone regeneration process, but also as a substitute for lost bone structure."

S. Petter Lyngstadaas (CEO)

As entrepreneurs, it is important for Corticalis to be part of a community with other like-minded colleagues. ShareLab offers this possibility. In addition, the company also has access to the lab-space needed to continue experimenting and enhancing their products - ShareLab fits the bill perfectly!

The ShareLab team is excited to have Corticalis as a member and wish them the best of luck!

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Published November 24th 2018

The Aker BioMarine and ShareLab Laboration challenge winner is Karina Kovalchuck - congratulations! Karina won a full year at ShareLab (sponsored by Aker BioMarine) with access to lab, co-working space, and mentoring. B'ZEOS, the runner-up, took home 3 full months at ShareLab.

The Laboration challenge started out with eight competitors pitching their ideas to the Aker BioMarine panel on October 11th. The final "pitch-off" between Karina Kovalchuk's vitamin C project and B'ZEOS' bioplastic was held on November 22nd.

For an introduction to the Laboration winner Karina Kovalchuck, check out this video:

Video: Aker BioMarine

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Published October 11th 2018

The first ever Laboration contestants made their pitches to Aker BioMarine panel on October 11. The specially selected eight candidates are competing for a free 12 month membership at ShareLab, with access to lab & lab management, office space, and mentorships – generously sponsored by Aker BioMarine.

The participants’ ideas will be evaluated on innovation level, commercial potential, societal benefits, and several other key factors.

Armend G. Håti, Ph.D. and director of Product Development at Aker BioMarine, said:

"At Aker BioMarine we are strong supporters of thinking outside the ordinary and we always seek to support innovators that also share our drive to improve human and planetary health. Our sponsorship with ShareLab is one example of this. We are pleased to have received lots of interesting biotech cases and were impressed by the cases in our pitch-competition today."

What happens now?

The panel will make their picks, and in November, the three top picks face off in the Laboration final. Who will make out with the head prize? Follow us for updates!

Who is in the running?

Meet our Laboration contestans on our Facebook page.

"Our innovators are the heart of ShareLab. The Laboration sponsorship from Aker BioMarine is both a great opportunity for us to include new members to the ShareLab family and a path for entrepreneurs to lift their projects to a completely new level. We very much look forward to welcoming the Laboration winner"

Esben A. Nilssen, Managing Partner of ShareLab

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ShareLab – important for the success of building a…

ShareLab Grand Opening

Dr Stenar Thoresen, Medical Director at Abbvie (Photo: Anne Grete Storvik)

ShareLab - important for the success of building a strong Norwegian healthcare industry

Published June 13th 2018


Abbvie has partnered with ShareLab to build the health industry in Norway. In this article (link below), Medical Director Steinar Thoresen (Abbvie) and Managing Partner Esben A. Nilssen explain why ShareLab will make a difference, and why the Norwegian government's health industry announcement is important.

Should we succeed in building strong health education, we depend on good information exchange and close cooperation! 

Read the full article here (The article is written in Norwegian)

Published by: Iselin H. Wood


The Life Science Team


Life Science Team: Expertise at hand for life science businesses

Published June 10th 2018


Life Science Team AS was established to promote new career opportunities in life science and contribute to the development of the Norwegian life science sector. They are building a network of independent life science consultants to offer their expertise to companies and organisations operating in the sector. Their services span the entire value chain from development to commercialisation of new, research-based products and services.

" -We are convinced there is a better way of managing life science expertise than hiring people in full-time positions. Many companies lack the finances they need to acquire necessary expertise, full time. We are here to help these companies get started at a much lower cost. We also aim to be a lean staffing partner for established companies."

Eirik Torheim (Development manager)

From their desk in Sharelab, Life Science Team has an excellent vantage point to the Norwegian life science industry: In Sharelab and Oslo Science Park, new businesses are forming constantly. Next door, at the University of Oslo, tomorrow's talent is training. Additionally, the National Hospital across the road represents a major hub for testing and implementing new products and services.

" -We are very happy to be here, and are determined to contribute to all the exciting developments we are witnessing around us. We humbly offer our help, and hope to contribute to making Oslo and Norway an international hub for life science. The potential is definitely there!"

Eirik Torheim (Development manager)

The ShareLab team is excited to have Life Science Team as member and wish them the best of luck!

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INHIBIO: Sustainable biocontrol solutions

ShareLab Grand Opening

INHIBIO: Sustainable biocontrol solutions

Published 17 April 2018

Inhibio AS is a start-up company developing environmental-friendly solutions for combating unwanted biofilm in the aquaculture industry and on materials in marine environments.

Biofilms may form on living or non-living surfaces in almost any environment where there is a combination of moisture and nutrients. Once bacteria have formed biofilm, other organisms like plants, algae and animals can also attach, resulting in biofouling.

Biofilms and biofouling cost marine businesses (aquaculture, shipping etc.) billions of dollars every year, along with lost industrial productivity, product loss and equipment damage. Inhibio's solution has a preventive effect on biofilm formation, and is environmetally friendly - which adds up to substantial market potential.

" - We are happy to be part of ShareLab! It was perfect timing for us to get access to the laboratory facilities now, and we have already started our laboratory activities. We are looking forward to further developing and testing our technology in the lab."

Mari Espelund (CTO)

Through two projects, partly funded by the Norwegian Research Counsil, a network of external spesialist partners and persons make up the cutting-edge Inhibio technology- and product development team. CEO Kim Heglund has several tech-based start-ups on his CV and CTO Mari Espelund is responsible for development of the Inhibio technology.

The ShareLab team is excited to have Inhibio as a member and wish them the best of luck!


Bio-Me: Kartlegger bakteriene dine

Intervju med Morten Isaksen

Bio-Me: Kartlegger bakteriene dine

Bio-Me AS er et norsk biotech-selskap som bygger på 20 års forskning innen bakterieidentifisering. Forskningen har gitt opphav til flere patenter og nye fremgangsmåter innen bakterieanalyse. Bio-Me konsentrer driften rundt analyseverktøyet GutCheck™, sammen med stor tilgang på tarmfloraprøver og avansert databehandling for å avdekke nye sammenhenger mellom livsstil, genetikk og bakterieflora.
Av: Iselin H. Wood
Publisert: 02.02.2018
Morten Isaksen

Morten Isaksen fra Tollnes, Skien, er daglig leder for Bio-Me, og har en doktorgrad i bioteknologi. Han har tidligere drevet forskningsarbeid i Forskningsparken, og er glad for å være tilbake i kjente, men nye omgivelser på ShareLab.

-Hvorfor begynte du å jobbe med analyse av bakterieflora i mage og tarm?

-Det var etter at jeg hadde flyttet tilbake til Norge fra England. Jeg begynte å jobbe som konsulent på Forskningsparken i Oslo og ved Bioparken Ås. Det dukket opp et patent som endte opp ute på Ås; det dreide seg om en metode for å påvise mange forskjellige bakterier i en løsning. Tarmbakterier begynte så vidt å bli kjent innen forskning på det tidspunktet, så vi grep fatt i det. 


-Hva skjedde videre?

-Vi bygget opp et selskap, Genetic Analysis og flyttet det fra Ås til Oslo. Senere sluttet jeg der, og jobbet egentlig innenfor helt andre felter i en periode – men jeg klarte ikke å «slippe» dette med tarmanalyse, og følte at det fortsatt var mange spennende muligheter igjen å utnytte!  Derfor ble BIO-ME etablert som selskap i mai 2016. Over våren og sommeren 2017 utviklet konseptet seg videre, og da var det behov for en laboratorieplass – og nå sitter vi i ShareLab.


-Hva driver deg til å fortsette å gjøre det du gjør? Hva er drømmen?

-Det er to ting: Man ønsker å «make a difference», man ønsker å bidra - også ønsker man å tjene masse penger! Hovedsaken er at vi kan bidra med noe som ikke andre gjør – om ikke vi gjør det, er det ikke sikkert det blir gjort i det hele tatt!


-Hvorfor vil du sitte i ShareLab? Hva håper du ShareLab kan gi Bio-Me?

-Jeg hadde i løpet av sommeren og høsten behov for laboratorieplass, så det var jo perfekt timing for meg at ShareLab kom på plass! Også er det jo et flott og funksjonelt lokale. Man får et miljø med andre som jobber i relaterte felter, og som man kan utveksle erfaringer med. Det er også veldig greit at man har en infrastruktur som tar hånd om risikoavfall, HMS og alt av praktiske ting. Den praktiske infrastrukturen er jo viktig for oss, for det er altfor stor jobb å bygge opp alt det i et lite selskap.


-Hva har vært Bio-Me sin største utfordring til nå?

-Det er først og fremst finansiering. Ting går veldig fort, så tilgang på kapital i en tidligfase er viktig for å få etablert seg i markedet. I tillegg er Norge nesten et u-land når det gjelder tankegang rundt og bruk av tarmbakterieanalyse. En ting er at vi har et mindre fagmiljø å samarbeide med, men det påvirker også finansieringen - når jeg snakker med investorer er det ingen som vet mye om dette. Det å ligge foran har sine fordeler og ulemper.


-Hva er det beste med å jobbe med Bio-Me?

-Det er veldig gøy å jobbe med sin «passion» og det man liker å gjøre!


-Hva synes du om fasilitetene til ShareLab? 

-Det er et flott, åpent og lyst, trivelig og ikke minst funksjonelt – fasilitetene er utmerket!