Bioprocessing: Stirred, But Not Shaken

Published Descember 29th 2019

Do you want to give your shake flasks cultivation an extra boost? Then do not wait any longer and transfer to a bioreactor or fermenter. ShareLab will teach you how. Sign up for the workshop 6 February 2019.

The workshop is a collaboration between Eppendorf, SINTEF, and ShareLab. The workshop will kick off with a teach-in on the advantages and challenges of shaker cultures, before participants are introduced to bioreactors by Eppendorf experts. Bioreactors are not just about scaling up and scaling down, but also to gain control and enhance reproducibility. You probably know that bacteria, yeast, plant cells, insect cells and mammalian cells are cultured in bioreactors, but did you know that stems cells may also be cultured this way? Inga Marie Aasen from SINTEF will share great cases and work from her labs and after lunch there will be a hands-on demonstration of a bioreactor in ShareLabs. We will use the the Eppendorf BioFlo® 120 and the DASbox® as demonstration systems.

Challenges with you own culturing, fermentation or expression? No problem, bring your questions and consult the experts during the workshop.

Check out the program and sign up HERE.