Single-use plastic straws are top 10 debris in the oceans. About 180 billion of plastic drinking straws are consumed each year in the world, according to a report of Seas at Risk. Drinking straws are currently used as a symbol for the fight against plastic and many organisations claim their prohibition.

New ShareLab member B'ZEOS may have a solution to the problem with their Zero-waste, Edible, nature’s Origin and Sugar-free drinking straw (ZEOS straw), an alternative to plastic drinking straws.

“Fighting climate change and plastic littering is our ambition and adding seaweed into the equation is our mission! With ZEOS straws we do more than cutting CO2 emissions, we encourage new generations to be the change they want to see in this world (Gandhi). Our slogan is simple: Eat it, Bite it or Let it. But at the end, YOU make it disappear. Thanks Sharelab for having us on-board!”

– Guy Maurice, Founder B’ZEOS

What is ZEOS straw? It is edible and compostable in normal condition in contrast to PLA, starch and other so-called biodegradable plastics on the market. It’s mainly produced from certified seaweed. In contrast to the use of fossil resources, marine resources are inexhaustible, quickly renewable, bio-compostable, fertilizing, energy-efficient and seaweed have negative CO2 emission.

“We’re happy having Guy and Caroline with us and look forward to helping B’ZEOS to develop an alternative to plastic drinking straws. I have already tried the first iteration of their edible innovation and needless to say, they will weed out all competition. Plastics shall clutch at straws!”

– Esben Nilssen, Managing Partner ShareLab