HPLC at ShareLab: scientists from member company Vaccibody having a ball.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About HPLC*

*But Were Afraid to Ask

Published 6 May 2019

Would you like to separate, identify, or quantify components in a mixture? At SharaLab we have both analytical and preparative HPLC systems at you disposal. No or little experience? No, worries! Join our workshop 29 May and we will make you fly. 

The workshop is a collaboration between Matriks and ShareLab. We start off with a little theory before we head off to the lab to run some real samples. If you would like to run your own samples, you are welcome to join our community. Also, if you would like help with the first samples (or the whole campaign for that matter), we have HPLC experts ready to help you off the ground. Check out the program and sign up HERE. Other questions? Reach out via FaceBook's Messenger.