ShareLab Grand Opening

INHIBIO: Sustainable biocontrol solutions

Published 17 April 2018

Inhibio AS is a start-up company developing environmental-friendly solutions for combating unwanted biofilm in the aquaculture industry and on materials in marine environments.

Biofilms may form on living or non-living surfaces in almost any environment where there is a combination of moisture and nutrients. Once bacteria have formed biofilm, other organisms like plants, algae and animals can also attach, resulting in biofouling.

Biofilms and biofouling cost marine businesses (aquaculture, shipping etc.) billions of dollars every year, along with lost industrial productivity, product loss and equipment damage. Inhibio's solution has a preventive effect on biofilm formation, and is environmetally friendly - which adds up to substantial market potential.

" - We are happy to be part of ShareLab! It was perfect timing for us to get access to the laboratory facilities now, and we have already started our laboratory activities. We are looking forward to further developing and testing our technology in the lab."

Mari Espelund (CTO)

Through two projects, partly funded by the Norwegian Research Counsil, a network of external spesialist partners and persons make up the cutting-edge Inhibio technology- and product development team. CEO Kim Heglund has several tech-based start-ups on his CV and CTO Mari Espelund is responsible for development of the Inhibio technology.

The ShareLab team is excited to have Inhibio as a member and wish them the best of luck!