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QIAGEN opens dPCR core facility at ShareLab

By Marius Øgaard, published 18 April 2024

On a mission to establish dPCR as a mainstream technology in Norwegian biotech, QIAGEN has selected ShareLab as the base for a new “industrial core facility”. Here anyone wanting to test or use dPCR may access QIAGEN’s state-of-the-art QIAcuity instruments. QIAGEN’s innovative dPCR solutions provide a whole new level of sensitivity and precision in nucleic acid detection and quantification. Scientists from companies and institutes can come to ShareLab to receive training and demos, run tests or projects – small or large -  on the device. In addition to the instrument, they will also find kits and materials here, plus the expertise needed to set up experiments and procedures, and to evaluate and improve results.

“This is a strategic partnership” says Christine Vimo of QIAGEN. “ShareLab’s attractive location and facilities, its sharing-economy concept, and their exciting community of cutting-edge biotech startups, makes the perfect environment for us to establish our dPCR core facility. With this, QIAGEN will be able to make dPCR capabilities and tools available to many more Norwegian companies and scientists than we previously thought possible. We are very excited to be here!”

“At ShareLab we are constantly working to improve and expand the equipment in our labs, so that we can always offer the best tools to our members. This new partnership goes far beyond that!” Says Marius Øgaard, Partner at ShareLab. “By establishing this new core facility together, QIAGEN and ShareLab are reaching out with an attractive new offering to anyone in Norway who is interested in upgrading from qPCR/PCR to dPCR. Even if it is a relatively simple solution to implement, we believe it may be a stepping stone for the whole industry.”


About ShareLab

ShareLab is a lab incubator with fully equipped and serviced wet labs for startups and industrial partners, as well as a community of industry experts and biotech entrepreneurs. The laboratory is located at Oslo Science Park amid Norwegian institutions like University of Oslo, Oslo University Hospital, SINTEF, and a range of life science companies. ShareLab is non-profit and will reinvest funds in cutting edge laboratories and industrial knowhow to fuel life science.


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